Groups and workshops

Parenting workshop on parenting approaches and discipline within the home
  • 2 hour workshop
  • Offered at schools and other venues
  • Topics that are covered include:

    • Thinking about the nature of parenting: bonding, stress, and a two way interaction between parent and child
    • Setting up a respectful culture within the home
    • Thinking about boundaries and discipline
    • Psychological tasks of development and how to support these
Community Resilience Model for corporate companies and schools
  • You will be taught of the basic principles of stress and trauma which are mediated by the nervous system
  • You will be taught the guiding principles for the framework
  • You will be taught and experience the 6 skill sets to help monitor, prevent and address stress and trauma
  • The workshop is run in like a retreat for companies, so as to allow you the full depth and power of the skills. For schools, it’s a group run over a number of weeks or as a retreat.
Spiritual living and the mind-body relationship
  • Mindfulness and mediation
  • How to manage the unseen
  • The links between the brain, spiritual being and the emotional self
Meditative moves through mind body and soul
  • This retreat uses meditation and relaxation techniques as tools to get to know and explore different aspects of being. It will serve as an introduction to some meditation techniques and allow you to journey through yourself and spiritual sense of self in a safe and supported environment.

If you are interested in any of the groups please drop me a mail and I will add you to the mailing list to inform you of when the groups are running or alternatively you can follow on